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The marathon is over, thanks for watching!


To Unlock Hour #36

The Crew!

Matt Rasmussen

@mrasmus  |  Steam  |  Favorite Indie Game: Bastion

Matt’s been gaming since before he can remember; being fairly platform-agnostic as a kid, he grew a broad appreciation of all sorts of different games. It was his dumb idea that got us all into this mess. You’ll recognize him on-stream as the hatted one making all the horrible puns.

Shamayel Daoud

@karamisaurus  |  Steam  |  Favorite Indie Game: Hatoful Boyfriend

Shamayel has been into gaming since her father brought home an NES at the tender age of 6. A recent transplant to the Bay Area, Shamayel moved to get away from Matt's terrible puns. She delights in deadpan humor, hanging out in speakeasies, and leading long administrative meetings.

Zach Cameron

@aerothopter  |  Steam  |  Favorite Indie Game: No Man's Sky

Zach's basically a one-man show. After designing the Cloudboat Armada site, he went to beast mode and designed this site, too. Although he was introduced to the indie gaming scene relatively recently, his belief that games can be art drives his interest in playing cool indie titles. He's also single and likes to cook . . . ladies.

Elena Churilov

@fiskmeshi  |  Steam  |  Favorite Indie Game: Dwarf Fortress

Elena was raised on a steady diet of NetHack and Dungeon Keeper. Recently returned from her ancestral homeland, where she delved into the deeper mysteries of Psychology and Linguistics, she has taken command of our communications unit. If you've sent an email to IGG, it was probably her who wrote you back.

Daniel Ching

@Zizhou  |  Steam  |  Favorite Indie Game: Frozen Synapse

Daniel has been enjoying "indie" games since he found out he could download freeware from the internet on a state of the art dial-up connection. When not gallivanting in cyberspace, he enjoys useless facts and diminutive equines. He is still trying to figure out why we all refer to ourselves in the third person, even though we wrote our own bios.

Garrett Williams

@yggdrasil03  |  Steam  |  Favorite Indie Game: Minecraft

When Garrett is done engineering at work, he spends his free time building things in games. He then proceeds to blow them up (something which is usually frowned upon at his workplace). As a loyal crewman, he magnanimously accepts the blame when things go wrong, and is thus misperceived as a Cylon or a spy by his crewmates. Despite these accusations, he soldiers on, doing what he can to bring joy to the lives of sick children.

Alexander Young

@BlergGames  |  Steam  |  Favorite Indie Game: SpaceChem

Xander is some kind of exotic side dish.

Colin Wheelock

@Satchamobob  |  Steam  |  Favorite Indie Game: Spelunky

Colin is a grad student at UC Irvine where he spends his time studying video games for science. He has a lab coat and everything! When not gaming, Colin enjoys activities like swing dancing, skiing, and sampling fine beers. He also makes games every now and then. Previously, Colin stunned the IGG stream by showing off his masterful table flipping prowess and by beating Super Meat Boy while interviewing the creator.

David Emerson

@Daemerson  |  Steam  |  Favorite Indie Game: Recettear

David is an artist that's getting a degree in accounting. When he's not being full of contradictions you can usually find him in front of any screen on which vidjamagames are occurring. In fact, he's won the award for longest playtime at IGG two years in a row, and has the skills to match... details that I wonder why he didn't think to mention in his own bro.

David Lorant

@Ratteler50  |  Steam  |  Favorite Indie Game: Audiosurf

David met the rest of the crew during his time at UCSD studying Math and Computer Science. He finally faced his fear of entering the real world, and left UCSD with a masters in computer science to begin work for his Google overlord. He grew up on text adventures and point and click adventures, and has still yet to find a genre he likes more, though RPGs come close.

Sean Cross

@xobs  |  Steam  |  Favorite Indie Game: Fez

Sean enjoys getting elbow-deep in code and hardware. He'd be the one using a hex editor to get $2bn in Sim City, and poking random memory locations in Ocarina of Time. If something goes wrong but nobody's quite sure how or why, he's probably got something to do with it.

Russel Reed

@ForneusLex  |  Steam  |  Favorite Indie Game: Barkley, Shut Up And Jam: Gaiden

Russel is an engineer at a certain rodent-friendly media empire. When not spending his time responding to accusations that he's too tall for his own good, he spends his time making dead game consoles make music or engaging Matt in pun battles.