Prize distribution

That was an absolutely insane weekend. We’re still recovering and packing up over here, but we’ll be sending out emails to those of you who won prizes soon for your information so we can get your prize mailed out to you.

And of course, Codepocalypse is coming too. All the codes should be distributed within the next week, so keep an eye on your inbox for your pile of codes!

It’s Over!

Thanks to the generosity of all you wonderful viewers, we have concluded this marathon with a record-breaking total of $18,500 raised for charity! After Google’s matching, that brings us to an astounding total of $33,500.

Thank you so much for tuning in and having fun with us all weekend. We look forward to seeing you all again next year!

We Broke $15k!

IGG Marathon just broke our Google matching goal by raising $15,000 for charity! This means we have effectively raised $30,000 for charity this marathon. We’ll now be playing well into Monday, so stay tuned and help us raise even more money for our awesome charities!  

Thank you so much for your support!!

Update: Google matching extended!

Google will now be matching the first $15k we raise now, up from $12k! That means there’s still plenty of donation doubling to go around.

We hit $12k!

Thanks to an incredibly generous donation from @uncrediblehallq, we’ve reached $12,000 raised so far this year! We’re going to be playing for at least 20 more hours, and hopefully you guys will make us play even longer than that!

Google’s going to be matching all these donations and a few hundred more, so keep donating for a chance to get your donations effectively doubled! 

We still have a ton of codes and shirts to give out, so keep watching and donating and let’s see how far we can take this ride.

Still Going Strong on Day 3!

Indie Games for Good is over 48 hours in and going great! We’ve raised nearly $5k for our three great charities, and are scheduled to go late into the night. 

Help us push through to the morning by donating now and requesting your favorite games to get on stream! Also, help us spread the word! More games, more money for awesome causes, and more silliness! 

And just a reminder, the first $12k we raise is going to be matched by Google, so let’s max that out!

Coming Up: Stoopy ‘Hour’!

What is Stoopy ‘Hour’?  Its like Spoopy ‘Hour’, except instead of screaming our heads off, we laugh our butts off!  Join us from Midnight to 6am while we descend into sleep deprived madness by playing some of the silliest, weirdest, and most ridiculous indie games, like Mount Your Friends, Haunt the House, Nidhogg, Starwhal: Just the Tip, and many more! 

Also help us reach $2,000 for our charities of choice: Child’s Play, Electronic Frontier Foundation, and Give Directly before Stoopy ‘Hour’ begins!  The more you donate, the more we play, and up to $12k for each charity will be matched by Google!  Thanks for your support!

Indie Game Swag

We have a ton of great prizes lined up this year! In addition to the enormous pile of game codes, we have t-shirts, keychains, posters, and more!

One of the big things to look forward to this year is the Telltale giveaway - we have a Steam code that can be redeemed for the Telltale game collection, and we’ll be raffling it off at 1pm on Saturday the 17th!

Another exciting thing is the Behemoth auction! We’ll be giving away a pack containing a BattleBlock Theater Hatty tissue box cover, a Behemoth Chicken plush, a BattleBlock Theater Cat Guard dog toy, and a BattleBlock Theater Hatty bust:

This plush chicken is totally adorable and you definitely want it. Plus, check out that tissue box cover! Make sure to join in the chat at 1pm PST on Sunday the 18th to place your bids!

On top of those, keep an eye out for swag from MagicalTimeBean, Vagabond Dog, Jason Rohrer, and others, which we’ll be giving away all weekend at!

Indie Games for Good

Indie Games for Good 2015 is just a day away! Starting at noon Pacific on Friday, October 16th, we’ll be streaming independently developed video games nonstop to raise money for good causes.

This year we’re raising money for three different charities: Child’s PlayThe Electronic Frontier Foundation, and GiveDirectly, and you can split your donation between the three however you like. Not only that, Google has agreed to match the first $12k donated to these charities through our system dollar for dollar, so every dollar you donate at will have twice the impact!

When you donate, you extend the runtime of the marathon, and you can request anything from our extensive library of indie games for us to play. During the stream we’ll be interviewing devs, giving away game codes and swag, and even holding a mini game jam with our viewers. 

Please tune in to watch the stream, spread the word, and donate to your favorite charity!

Pre-donations opening soon

We’ll be opening pre-donations early next week! Get your donations in early to generate buzz for the games you want to see on stream.

In the meantime, help us spread the word! This year you can pledge to our thunderclap, which will send out a message through whichever platform you like to your followers when the marathon starts. It’s a great way to tell all your friends about us. Click here to check it out!

Indie Games for Good 2015

It’s official: Indie Games for Good 2015 will be starting on Friday, October 16th at 12pm Pacific! We’re looking forward to bringing you another incredible weekend of nonstop indie gaming action. As always, expect a ton of awesome games, a fantastic lineup of live guests, and an amazing selection of fabulous indie game swag.

We’ve made a major change this year that we’re super excited to announce: this year, when you donate through us, you’ll be able to  split your donation however you like between three excellent charities: Child’s Play, the Electronic Frontier Foundation, and GiveDirectly. Check out our Charity Spotlight posts to find out more about each organization!

You can also follow us on Tumblr now to stay updated! Head over to to follow!

Charity Spotlight: GiveDirectly

GiveDirectly aims to help people living in extreme poverty by making unconditional cash transfers to them via mobile phone. Approximately 90% of donor funds are sent directly to recipients, with the remaining 10% split between fees for the transfers and recipient identification and follow-up costs. According to the American Institute of Philanthropy, this is far more efficient than other charities. Strong evidence indicates that cash transfers lead recipients to spend more on their basic needs such as food and may allow recipients to make investments with high returns.

GiveDirectly’s mission statement is “Our mission is to reduce poverty by providing financial assistance directly to those in need. We aim to do so efficiently, making the most of every dollar; transparently, with a clear commitment to how each dollar is used; and respectfully, letting people choose how to help themselves.”

GiveDirectly is one of the charities we have added to our donation options this year. We’re excited to support evidence-based charity and hope to raise as much for them as we can!

Charity Spotlight: Electronic Frontier Foundation

The Electronic Frontier Foundation is the leading nonprofit organization defending civil liberties in the digital world. Founded in 1990, EFF champions user privacy, free expression, and innovation through impact litigation, policy analysis, grassroots activism, and technology development. They work to ensure that rights and freedoms are enhanced and protected as our use of technology grows.

EFF describes their mission as twofold: “1) to educate the general public regarding new forms of technology including, but not limited to, digital, computing and communications technology; 2) to educate the general public and foster discussion and public policy analysis regarding the relationship between technology and society.”

EFF is one of the two charity organizations we are adding as a donation option this year. We believe it’s important to protect our technological freedom and we look forward to raising as much as we can in support of their cause!

Charity Spotlight: Child's Play

Child’s Play is a non-profit, gamer-run charity that donates toys, games, books, and money to over 70 children’s hospitals worldwide, providing necessary relief for children whose days would otherwise be filled with boredom, pain, or fear. Giving these kids something to keep their mind off of what’s keeping them in the hospital improves their morale and can even help them get better faster.

Child’s Play’s mission is “to improve the lives of children in hospitals around the world through the generosity of the game industry and the power of play.”

Child’s Play is the charity we have supported since our first marathon in 2011. We’re proud to have raised over $50k for them since then, and hope to raise more this year!